It is our goal to advance the sport of Robotic Combat in Australia.
We aim to encourage the Australian Inventors, Engineers and Mad Tinkers out there to turn their dream machines into Solid Metal and put it On The line and In The Zone to build the Ultimate Destruction Machine !


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RoboWars 2015 Nationals!

..It's that time again folks, get ready for the epic war between Australia's best! Robots from the Antweight (150 gram) and Featherweight (13.6 kilogram) classes will battle it out to the death, to find out who is the 2015 champion!

The event will be run Saturday and Sunday 10th/11th October 2015.
The venue is the Foyer area of the Ipswich Art Gallery.
Nicholas Street
(between Limestone & Brisbane Sts)
Ipswich CBD, Queensland 4305


RoboWars 2014 Nationals!

ROBOWARS was back at the Ipswich Art Gallery in 2014!

First place went to QLD robot, Mentalbot.

Mental Bot went through many challenging rounds to emerge slightly beaten but victorious.

For more information, videos and results, check out the forum thread here:

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around Australia, check the Forum here

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