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Drill motor burnout

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Drill motor burnout

Hi everyone,
So I just had my first drill burnout, it seems to still function though so it might be damaged but fine. My transmitter was on really low power and I think it got stuck sending the same value and so it retracted my linear actuator rod and pulled it into the drill, deforming the threads of the actuator screw and jamming in in place as the actuator screw tried to pull itself out of the chuck.

Since my robot uses 2 linear actuated pincers, this has me thinking that when the weapon tries to pierce another robot, a similar thing might happen just in the other direction, or maybe there's enough lack of rigidity when using the weapon that it won't? A consequence of using cheap brushed drill motors.

Maybe an impact drill would be a better option because I can just slot it into my normal drill mounts. My thinking is that rather than providing a constant torque from the motor the impact drill will use it's knocking action instead and save the drill from burnout at te risk of wrecking the threads of the actuator screw if I'm not careful. but I'm not sure.

Also the drill motors for my weapon still have the clutch attached as per recommendation. My limit switches also weren't attached when I was testing.
On te plus side, I know there's quite a bit of power in my weapon Razz

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Any time you stall a motor you are going to burn something out either the motor or the speed controller.
I don't have any good answers for you on how to limit it I'm afraid, a current limit on the drive might do it but it doesn't feel like a *great* answer. Reinstating the clutch might work if you stop driving when you hear them ratcheting. It'll probably wear out quick but better than blowing motors.
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