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QLD bonus point system

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QLD bonus point system

I would like to see the bonus points removed or severely reduced.

The system gives up to double points for the win if a knock out occurs within 15 seconds, IIRC. I think this has the potential to distort the points table.

The bonus point system is to encourage the drivers to go for a quick win. Don't we all try to win from the moment we enter the arena?

Imagine an average robot gets drawn against a crap robot. If the crap robot dies in the first 15 seconds, the average robot gets 30 points.

Now imagine you have a quality robot and you are drawn against another quality robot. If the fight goes for the full 3 minutes and you win, you might only get 8 points.

You could potentially win 100% of your fights and not make the final. I think this happened to Daniel Kero in Sydney once. He won 5-0 and did not make the final.

The best robots that were still working made the finals on Saturday, but in a larger field points anomalies could have a robot with a 100% win record miss the final.

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Yes judging is something which I think we need to better organise. I am not sure about the points system. Daniel may have more to say about that.

I am more concerned about who we get to judge the fights. The final Stig vs Jack the Flipper was almost too close to call. It was ok because it was the final and everyone watched but some of the earlier fights most of the builders were fairly busy and finding someone to judge was a slight issue.

I probably should have been on top of this a bit more but I ended up managing 3 robots so was a bit busy at times.

Is there a better/easier way we can ensure that we have sufficient unbiased judges watching?

What would also be cool if we had it at the edge again is if they could offer a replay of the feed, immediately after the fight so we could review the battle and make a decision from that.

On another note I was pretty impressed that the MCs didn't announce a winner prematurely but I think I need to explain the KO and TKO rules a bit better.

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Post Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:11 am 
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