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Middleweights/Heavyweights Competition
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Still digging through old threads, we have one running heavy Bulldoze.

He needs some work before a real event but it could be done for a street fight sportsman event.
He is just a thin skinned RHS exposed bag trolley style constructs as Aaron suggested.
Currently wheel chair motors but I would probably use a pair of 750Watt gear reduction scooters that were put aside for him years ago.

Nothing wrong with wheel chair motors they just need bigger wheels than Bulldoze is running.

Sidewinder and lots of A123’s series paralleled for appropriate run time.

Our middleweight Lawnmower is a spinner and not currently usable after disastrous early effort to use series wound golf cart motors.
Have a pair of 500W scooters for him or perhaps easiest to use a pair of wheelchair motors.

One of our old projects for fighting big bots with active weapons was the “beer box”.
An old Carlton & United steel box trailer doubtless used for selling beer at events.
We intended putting a pollycarb panel inside the hinged steel side panel tow to suitable Dr Who style quarry, watch and control bots from safe inside.
The big bots could ride to and fro in the trailer.

Between Ultibots, OzBotsOutdoors and early Robot Wars inspired bots there are about another half dozen big bot projects cluttering the place up.

Sabertooth the bot not the controller, the original heavy version of Fragmentor, The original big Pyrobot and a few striped down wheel chair chassis that were never named.
Arena sweeper even got a job pretending to be our recharging bot with an IC generator mounted and Maestro was base defense guarding out tennis ball.

So when it comes to building for something that doesn’t happen been there done that.
Satisfaction is proportional to effort and results.

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