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The beauty of this is that we can do it outside, y'know webcams in the trees, maybe a quadcopter or two giving a birds-eye view, plus whatever vision the bots themselves have, and being outside this would give good incentive for people to look into making legs. Also there wouldn't need to be a need for any weight limit, instead it's a trade-off, the bigger you are the easier you are to shoot so your bot can be as heavy as you like but you still want to keep it as small as possible, ideally fast light and agile as a single direct hit would be enough to end your round.

Or we could make this a sort of simulated combat with different armour and weapon classes based upon weight, for example if your pinball gun weighs about as much as a 50.cal then that's what it is, so it does something like 20pts of damage, and depending upon how much dead weight your bot's carrying (water for example) it has more or less armour, so let's say 1litre is 5pts, so to survive a direct hit from a "50.cal" your bot has to be carrying more than 4litres of water.

If you wish to discard the dead weight during a round that's a risk you can take, but to stop everyone from doing that all the time after taking damage the damage taken still counts, so if you have 25pts of armour and you take 20pts of damage you can't ditch more than 1litre or the damage taken will exceed the damage you can take, I.e. the bot is disabled.

Maybe there could even be team matches with special rules, such as a safe zone where bots can be "repaired" over a period of time equivalent to how much damage they've taken and if one bot is disabled it can be dragged back there by another to be repaired and re-enter the fray.

The matches themselves could be a death-match, capture the flag, tag, territory control, even turn based scenarios like escort or retrieval missions.

Autonomy is something to take advantage of, come to think of it maybe there is a weight limit for an entire team, it's just too big to use easily and too small to make more than one car "tank" viable, so autonomy let's you field more bots of a reasonable size, but not so many it becomes an industrial war, so one team may have several manned units with autonomous auxiliaries while the other may have a smaller team of larger, solely manned units (by which I mean remote controlled).

Just thinking...

Post Tue May 22, 2012 6:29 am 
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Sounds like you need to check out Mech Warefare.

Back in 2005/2006 there was an attempt to start an off road catagory with various weapons and tactical ideas like your looking at, but it never gained any real popularity.

Check out there thread here: http://robowars.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=425
Team Knightrous

Post Tue May 22, 2012 8:37 am 
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I love paintball too Smile

Post Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:57 pm 
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