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New bot from Team Shield INDIA."HYDRA"

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New bot from Team Shield INDIA."HYDRA"

Hello ,
We are back again with our new bot .It took 6 month to design,and it also gave us best results,And also we found some flaws in design after the event ,so we are upgrading again , before I upgrade I will post our bot pics.

Weight: 55kg
Body made us of Al.6061 T6 and mounting of Al.6082 T6. Rest of the chassis made up of L structures.
Drive motors:Ampflow e30-400
Reduction:Planetary Gearbox of 10.7 reduction.
Rpm after reduction:400-500rpm
It gave us good power but we always burned our relays and since our bot is wired one so DPDT burned up everytime,And we came to know why it was happening.So we are also making changes in the ckt.
Now. We are going for the wireless ,we are not getting sponsor from 3 years still for the safety we are converting to wireless now.





Post Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:27 pm 
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