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Warbros - Andre NSW
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I was looking at lower kv motors last night, but wasn't confident they'd arrive in time. Which made me think of playing with the gearing as well. So I made up a pulley out of chopping board that is half the diameter of the previous pulley. Which gives me a 4:1. Spins up now, it's horrifying Smile I think the low friction of the chopping board helps as well because it can slip a bit before gripping. I think it might struggle thermally, so I'll make spares - real easy with a holesaw and then bolting it onto the drill to file the bevel onto the top and bottom pieces.

(I almost want to go back to the shed to retake that photo)

So all ready for maximum biff Smile The paint is drying now so the weapon bars will glow. Only problem now is he's too heavy to have a pot for a head Crying or Very sad

Post Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:35 pm 
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Time for a belated post nationals damage report.

So last years nationals was me vs. the Rotwangs, this year was me vs. Miles and Jules lol.

I'll start with Potheads run. First fight was against Weasel, M&J's all body lifter. I really liked the design as it protected the lifting mechanism a bit and the paint job was great. PH got a couple of glancing hits in, I was going for the front edge of the wedge to get a harder hit. No luck. Got flipped by a good charge, no invertablility because I couldn't get the weapon pulleys low enough in time. Win Weasel.

Second fight was against Shatter, a solid little drum bot. This was an awesome fight, exactly what I wanted PH to do - big hits and keep going. I over tightened the weapon belt, which caused too much friction for the weapon to spin up, but the first hit from shatter loosened it up and it was spinning. We exchanged some big hits, PH got thrown up high a couple of times, but stayed upright thanks to the gyroscopic forces (looked awesome on video). PH had a damaged wheel and was limping, but got a big hit in and got Shatter stuck on the wall. I limped PH over for a finishing blow, but the belt fell off the weapon just before hitting! I got the hit in, but didn't have a weapon from there - which saw the fight go Shatters way really quick. For a win to Shatter. The weapon motor copped the worst of the damage, in retrospect *maybe* I should have left him stuck on the wall. Especially as this knocked PH out of the competition. Here's the damage to the weapon motor:

I had a spare motor and was able to cut out the bent bits of metal for a exhibition match the next day, I even used some washers to compensate for the bent motor mount:

The exhibition match turned out to be a 3 way rumble against Wanda and Vicious Cycle. This was pretty short, got the weapon up there were some glancing blows, Wanda ran out of batteries. VC got a massive hit in on the weapon motor, and PH got wreaked from there. Tire armor got ripped of, then the armor pod got bent onto the wheel leaving PH stuck for a win to VC. I don't know how that bot got knocked out of the main comp! With no weapon motors left and an angle grinder needed just to pull PH apart, that was the end of his spectacular nationals.

Hellamax had a better run, first match was a rematch of the last match from vivid, so an excellent opportunity to see if the upgraded wiring would help. It did. Knowing my strategy from the last match, letting flipper start lifting then use HM's speed to back off and get some hits in. Worked great Smile HM was also pushing Flipper around the area, which did result in a drive ESC overheating in the last 30 sec(which was a problem from vivid), but I was able to nimbly limp HM to keep control of the fight so win to HM.

Next fight (I think, my memory is a bit hazy) was against Mjölnir, a mostly 3d printed bot with some Al section and a spinning hammer for a weapon made by a new guy. It was really underweight, so straight up HM was getting a good shove on and some good hits in. I had the limits really low on the controller to avoid overheating the ESC again, but it just made HM too slow. I think about halfway through the time his drive gears stripped, for a win to HM.

Then it was HM vs the drop saw on wheels that is Glitch. I was worried about this one, because HM doesn't have saw resistant top armor. Glitch was fast, and had a surprising amount of grip, I had increased my limits to let HM move quick, but I was avoiding pushing fights because of the saw and to avoid overheating the ESC again. I was also hoping I could reverse away from the saw fast enough to escape, but no. So HM got saw'd, thankfully Glitch had an abrasive saw on, which gummed up on the poly-carbonate so it didn't get through. I don't know if that was a merciful decision or not. I did figure out that if I made HM 'stand up' that I could avoid the saw, but couldn't really do anything offensive. The ESC did overheat, which left me in survival mode to make it to 3 mins. Win to Glitch.

Then was HM vs Banana Bender, M&J's massive shuffler lifter. I knew HM would have the speed advantage, but no shoving would be had. So it was all aiming for flanking attacks - I got some good flanks in. But this was a massive game of cat and mouse, and when BB got a lift in, it really got a lift in. They got entangled at one point, which I think is when the weapon motor shafts got bent in by the force of their lifter. HM's axe still isn't very powerful and when those shafts get bent it loses more power. So all the hits were doing nothing. The lifter on BB was pretty sharp which tore through a tire as well. The ESC overheated again, eliminating my ability to avoid the lifter. Win to BB.

Next fight was an exhibition match, HM vs Banana Bender again lol. This fight went down pretty much the same as the one above, I think I was little more wary of getting lifted but the axe was too weak to do anything.

Last was the Rumble. Smile I love rumbles. HM is slowly doing better in these rumbles I think, but still got thrashed. The chains came off the weapon leaving it stuck upside down on the axe. Hydra turned into a bey-blade and got a massive hit, bending the axe and a bit of the chassis. The first time the 3mm wall Al section has been bent in nearly 20 fights (I think it's 18 ). I don't remember who won, or even if there was a winner Smile

Again, an excellent event - lots of biff and a little glory. I've got some repairs to do, and the bots have been gathering dust for a couple of months now. My key takeaways:

- HM's mobility, when all wheels are working.
- PH's weapon was solid, no bending in any of the big hits. Some of the bushings were a little deformed, but they are cheap enough to be expendable.
- Bot bots looked sick.
- The tire armor worked great until it got ripped off.

- HM's ESC issue.
- The shafts on HM's weapon motors can get bent too easily.
- HM's polycarb armor is too easy to cut.
- PH not being invertable
- PH's weapon motor being exposed.
- PH's weapon motor and gearing made spin up a little too hard.

I did do a little troubleshooting of the ESC issue right after I got back, it wasn't the motors. Turns out all the TZ85's I reprogrammed still have a very conservative overheat shutoff. The ones I bought from Botbitz are fine. I need to check the firmware version I installed.

To make the armor harder to cut I think I might bolt some CF strips on top as a patch job, I could cut the panels out of some 1-2mm stainless steel but then it wouldn't be see through.

I have gone through all three of the weapon motors I bought for PH, which leaves me free to get an even bigger lower kv motor. In the repairs I think I will bring the motor inside the main channel and use some of the 50x10mm steel bar to protect the bit that sticks out. My Dad has a metal working lathe, but neither of us know how to use it (he got it 2nd hand last year). I will try to learn how to use it over summer so I can make up pulleys for myself. Which will allow me to get the spacing right so PH will be invertible and go for a lower gear reduction. I was using 4:1 with a 650kv on a 4S, I think I'll go for 5:1 on the 580kv 5050 propdrive v2. Bit more power and torque for a fast spin up. As much as I'd like to have a super hard hitting bot, it's more important to get the weapon going quickly and reliably when it protects the internals of the bot. Hopefully there'll be enough mass left for some re-reinforcements of bits that bent and the pot Smile

For the weapon motor shafts on HM, ideally a non-worm gear motor would solve this problem. But to fit another type of motor in would be a start from scratch rebuild, which I sort of want to do. Use all the knowledge I've gained over the last two years. I was looking at some banebots gearboxes on a high reduction, like 64:1 with 770 sized motors, keeping the dual motor setup and driving the weapon straight off the gearbox shaft (so no belts or chains) with some major re-inforcement, like the two gearbox shafts into a steel pipe which sits in big bearings in a steel panel. I'd also 'invert' the body shape, instead of a 'convex' front I'd go 'concave' so it can grab other bots better for axe bashing...we'll see time and cost wise after x-mass. But for the moment I think I'll bend the worm gear motor shafts back in and support them with a steel bar on the outside of the sprocket.

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That was a good read Andre - great reliving our battles again -such fun 👍
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