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E-flite Blade CX2
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The CX'2's are a good *beginners* chopper, like I said.

I wouldnt call them a Childs toy though, thats a bit harsh.. Surprised
a Picoo-Z is a childs toy, near indestructable and simple 2 channels only for $50

a T-rex or twiser is a *big* jump up the complexity and price ladder.

Instead of something you can fly in 5 minutes for a couple of hundred $, you are really looking at $1200-$1500 by the time you have a helicopter capable radio, decent gyro, good battery packs, chargers, servo's, then you need to learn about throttle curves, ccpm mixing, governers, ESC programming, balancing, tracking, gearing, brushless motors etc etc.

The Blade's are plug-in and go, relatively easy to repair and recalibrate if you do deck it and cheap.

OK, you wont be doing any aerial hairpin turns with one, but for a lot of people, just being able to keep any chopper in the air for 30 seconds is a thrill..
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