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Rhino, plastique, Zebra And family. team NET state victoria.
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My once yearly post in the build thread.

Unlike last year my robot had something that resembled controlled drive, even with a wheel out I was able to mostly make a controlled translation accross the arena.

Considering it was a 1 day modification of the post nationals fail flipper the bot went remarkably well. Best result in a little while.
Hopefully the fights were entertaining.
Loved the rumble and the demo where Angus was just bashing on my bot for a few minutes (shame it took out a drive). The bottom mounting point has bent a little (could be fixed by cut out and reweld) and the bot is too big with 6mm mild steel everywhere so this may be the last event for the current frame.
Self righting was the biggest issue here.
I am surprised I think I killed two banebot 775's running under voltage. Might need to go to the smaller wheels to get my bulletproof drive train concept.

Although ineffective, the pneumatic was fun to use in the arena. Only have the time to build one bot this year so now I am torn between my drum idea and an improved pnumatic based robot for all future flights this year both sportsmen and open.
Right now leaning towards the pnumatics
Thinking on board compressor to buffer tank and pressure sensor (to turn off the compressor when charged via the already on board microcontroller) to a 2/2solenoid to build the pressure. This would than feed a 5/2 solenoid leading the the ram (probably shorter but maybe a little wider). All the timing via the micro controller and controlled by a single up down on the remote similar to my current design.

This design would be leading towards autonomous weapon firing (for fun) as the only thing missing from my concept design for autonomous firing is a firing input and a load cell could pull this off.
The challenge is getting under the weight limit with the space required for a buffer tank, compressor and ram while building strong enough to survive open feather.

Thinking an overhead attack weapon again but maybe a lifter, will have no meaningful effect and could be achieved by an electric setup easier but anyway.

Option 2 is a drum bot with interchangeable weapon motor from a very high torque, low speed sportsmen weapon (as hydra had real issues with the drum just stalling) and replace with a high speed motor for the open.
This design could be made reasonably compact so easier to armor in the open division.
Thinking 30cm or so long drum, 90-100cm diameter, motor behind that on a small pivot friction driving (think rotwang style) with drive motors kinda central and ESC/batery at the rear of the bot.
Regardless, needs self righting or inevitability, this has cost me many fights.

Nationals is fast approaching so best get a design locked in soon as I have many weeks busy for other things :S
Remember to trust me, I am an Engineer.


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