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Bot Projects ~ Ghost Division ~ TAS

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Bot Projects ~ Ghost Division ~ TAS

Bot Projects ~ Ghost Division ~ TAS

So letís start with what led up to this and you have to understand my friends are committed to other things now so Iím trying to push on with this project alone, see my new builders post for details. Whilst Iíve been learning Cad for another design, the team were going to get the test bot built before doing some aluminium casts which would eventually give us some special bolt head parts for the sportsman/heavyweight. So I have no idea what will come of that but for now Iíll just focus on learning with test bot.

First I must explain the initial thoughts going into this. We wanted to just test the waters with all aspects, electrics for the motors, power and ESC which was a first for us all. We wanted to save money using recycled material and focus on the intricacies of manufacturing custom parts later. My mate had an old RC hand throttle and we purchased 2 of these


To go with the performance drill motors. Then we decided to hack some old thrown out laptop batteries for the cells, a multimeter to indicate which cells still had a charge and get stuff tabbed in series for testing.

From this picture you can see my friend testing it out but of course the batteries went flat fast (they were 6-9 years old) so he cobbled together from a computer powerpack a battery charger ensuring me he knew what was what and safeÖ we used an off the shelf charger before relying on that thing. I had faith of course but I value safety more. Anyways when the team split for other commitments they kept the stuff they built but I took the motors and speed controllers we went halves on and wished me luck.
So now Iím doing my own thing and with the recycled parts Iíve started on this strange build. Also In the meantime Iíve brought this


This is what I have thus far for the projectÖ and no workshop.
Okay keen on the recycling, zero cost and humour of it I gutted an broken desktop for the chassis, maybe I could call it mobile top or something?

Anyways the supporting brackets is made from rubber, an amateur Stanley knife cutting is made for holes and crevices to fit the motors and ESCs snugly.

So about the batteries, Iím still keen on taking 18650s or 26650s and making packs 6-8s, thatís six or eight cells in a series/parallel if I got my terminology right, could be wrong. Parallel would be most suitable for the discharge potential but for this build Iíll probably get some RC pack a 7 or 11 V packs suitable for the ESC and Motors. With making my own battery packs Iíll have to learn about safe charging and then selecting the correct speed controllers to handle that. Itís something Iíll explore in the future.

Loosely fitting the wheels on thatís where Iím up to so far and Iíll see if I can get something moving by the end of all this and goodness knows when thatíll be. Also Iíll contribute a shopping list and price to the end of this report so that others can follow the build if they wish. Now as a reward for reading this far hereís the Featherweight CAD I was designing, no doubt a build of the distant future with many things still to learn and fix on it, enjoy!

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Great start on your robot, clever use of a computer case. I keep looking at an old tower case in my shed, but still haven't managed to work out how to mount everything. Also, I love the original CAD design, thanks for posting it, and I hope you get a chance to build it down the track.
A few thoughts:

* It's worth securing the front of your gearboxes as well, you could probably use a hose clamp (as in this guide)

* Ondray (Warbros/Hellamax) and I (Slightly Evil Robotics/Zenghiaro) are using the same wheel/drill motor combo but two different methods of attaching them (see the build threads). Maybe we should swap notes on Sunday and see whose holds up best Very Happy

* If you're still using those ESCs, they're only rated for 2S (7.4V), which is well under what you'd want for drill motors. The Botbitz 30A ones would probably be a better option.

* Seriously, just buy a couple of LiPoly batteries and a charger from Hobbyking. They're not that expensive, and they're compact and easy.

* As I said, I really like your combo drum/articulated wedge CAD design, but it'd need some redesigning if you wanted to build it for the sportsman class.

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I agree with Steve - get a Lipo pack and a charger from Hobbyking. If you are thinking about the same 18650 cells that I am, they will not supply anywhere the current you need and most of them have built-in current limiting.

Do you have access to a 3D printer? There is a really clever method of printing a motor mount Males & Jules build report that will save space in that computer chassis.
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