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Micro Magnum, Team Magnum, NSW
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Oh well more than a year later ya boi is back at it again

Nah its just reused content ive already posted on fb.

Big thanks to everyone at the event and my teammates (yes I have teammates this year). And sorry for your ceiling Steve. Had a great time the past weekend! So hereís my post event report. Iím not gonna talk about the fights cuz a video speaks a million words. This is really more of a damage log than a proper report.

Also if anyone has videos of the Bashbot and Slingshot fights plz let me know. Thx.

Arrived at venue at 0730. Robot seemed to have survived the flight, did safety early-ish. About 30 minutes before the first fight I was told that my tip speed was 97m/s, just over the 90m/s limit. I tried to use the t6config software to edit my endpoint settings. The remote became a brick. I think the issue was that the stick wasnít at the bottom when I edited the end point. Ultimately I pulled out a thumb drive with a saved setting file and opened it on the remote, which solved the issue. So yeah a 30lb robot was saved by a little thumb drive.
Fight 1 (Shrapnel)
My first fight of the year! I was super nervous before the fight, to the point where my head and limbs felt tingly (this didnít go away until 30 minutes after the fight).
The most visible and impressive part of the damage by far was the chunk taken out of my weapon tip, which is probably a result of one of the weapon on weapon impacts. However, the real damage done was more concentrated on the frame, which had its left side bent down, making the robot steer to the left. This is more apparent in the start of my second fight as I struggled to get to the red square. I have no proof of this but I suspect the weapon shaft also started walking out in this fight and would come and bite me later in the day.
Fight 2 (Snack)
At this point I began to question if karma has come full circle on me (I had only one HS fight in the previous two years, but two in one day this year).
Most obviously my weapon shaft completely walked out, dropping the weapon on the floor and almost cost me the match. The weapon trashed one of the weapon motors during that chaos and partially damaged the motor pulley. Bearings were also lost during that fight. More material was taken out of the weapon, but this time not limited to the weapon tip. There seems to be scratches and small dents all over the weapon, which kind of baffled me. The frame was more bent, to the point where I almost could not move at the end of the fight. One of the bunny ears was bent, thankfully outward so it really didnít interfere with anything. One of the supports for the left side friction wheel was bent inwards. This combined with the left side frame dragging on the floor basically meant the left side drive was dead although the gearbox and motor were totally fine. However, at this point I still thought the drive issue was caused by a dead motor/gearbox. There was also some damage to the HDPE armor pieces, but luckily I had spares of those.
Afternoon (until 7pm)
With both the weapon and drive unusable I started a rebuild. While pulling the frame apart I realized some parts sprung to a slightly out of position when I removed the screws. I knew the frame was bent, but had an assumption that the frame was only bent in the horizontal plane (since both of my opponents were HS). I replaced the left side drive motor just in case, although it would later become apparent that this was not necessary. I tried to spin the wheels while the drive system was out of the robot, compared it to when it was in the robot, and found out that the bent friction wheel caused excessive pressure and drag on the left floor, but I had no tool to fix that in Day1. The only option I had was to remove the friction wheel and do a test run. The robot still pulled to the left. Steve pointed out that the left side frame might be lower than the right side and was dragging on the floor. That turned out to be the case. Thx Steve.
The main objective here was to grind down the wedge and fix the friction wheel. M&J were super kind to me and helped me fix those issues. The wedge was ground down so that the robot was mostly balanced and the bent friction wheel mount received a slightly wider hole for more clearance. Test run showed no major issues. Happy!
Fight 3 (Bashbot)
Believe it or not this is actually when I was the most stressed during the entire event. Last year I got into the top 16 by pure luck, and I got quite a bit to prove this year. A win here would mean that at least I got a bit better than last time.
This fight actually took quite a lot of mass out of my weapon tip, a testament to Bashbotís armor. Other than that I didnít notice any damage.
Fight 4 (Prowler)
At this point I stopped caring about my placement, but the overhead saw had me very worried about a potential battery fire. I stuck the two pieces of HDPE armor damaged by Snack in day1 on top of the robot as makeshift armor, but those came pretty close to falling off without even getting hit.
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Abominationís weapon shaft: Imma head out.
It just escapes my mind how the shaft keeps walking out even with set screws in place. Luckily it did not go out far enough to cause issues. Other than that nothing to report damage wise.
Fight 5 (Slingshot)
I never thought I would get to fight Glen one day, but it happened. I was worried that my bent frame would screw with my ground clearance again, but that seems to be not the case.
In terms of damage, I got too excited during the fight and revved the weapon all the way up, losing one weapon belt in the process. Upon further inspection, the weapon pulley on that side has some slight damage to it, which might explain why the belt blew up only on that side.
Fight 6 (Bender)
At this point I was like ďwhatís the worst Iím gonna do? 2nd place is already good enough for meĒ. I was somewhat relaxed not because I was confident (actually quite the opposite of that because I only have one belt at that point) but because I really didnít mind which way it might go. All that went out of the window when the countdown started and the adrenaline kicked in.
That shaft walked out (partially) again! Ugh. But Iím glad to report that nothing else seemed to be hurt and that bit of smoke at the end was simply the belt.

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