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Robowars Australia - Demo Bot

Over the years I have done a number of demo bots for Robowars events. You may remember the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge Bots for the early Vivid event. There was my token saws at vivid last year and a slightly refined 4wd version of that for nationals last year.

I am just starting to make two for vivid and I wanted to follow the same sort of formula as my robot The Disassembler crossed with the saw robots. Here I intend to document the build so people can replicate it.

Design Brief
I thought I should describe what I wanted out of these robots and the bits I wanted to take from each of the designs. The Disassembler is a quite a reliable robot despite its hap hazard construction. It is essentially 2 drive motors, a winch with a screwdriver and welded steel frame. The Saw Bots use 3D printed inserts with nuts and screws to make something that is very easy to assemble and quite cheap. It is made from Bunnings steel that could essentially be cut with a hacksaw and drilled with a hand drill. The patterned construction is simple enough that it could easily be replicated.

The goal is to take the reliability of The Disassembler and the simple construction with hand tools of the Saw Bots and put them together into a design that is bot easy to produce (I want to make 2 in a day) and can be used for a few events.

Parts List
Here is a link to my spreadsheet that is holding a running list of parts and links to where to buy them.

Main Components are:

    BotBitz Starter Pack
    Winch 3000lb
    Red Wheels
    1.9m x 50 x 50 x 1.6mm RHS
    Digging fork

I also would like to justify why I have made these choices.

BotBitz Starter Pack
Look this is really a no brainer for me. I need to make this in a day the motors are easy to mount, and they are more reliable than standard drills. You could potentially do normal drills with red wheels and stuff but the supplies of these are drying up rapidly so with the ESCs and switch included its probably going to more expensive. For me this isn't really an issues as I have already paid for em but something to consider.

Winch 3000lb
This probably isn't the cheapest sportsman weapon but it is the cheapest way I know how to make a flipper. I also have a bunch of Ardiuno mini which I would like to do the mod with a pot from one of the radios to do the controller on it so it doesn't jam. This might be a little bit of a stretch for new comers but the easy alternative is always limit switches. This also uses the 10A ESC to power trigger the relays included with the winch.

Red Wheels
Yes a bit low on traction but this means they don't destroy gearboxes and screw straight on. Also available at Bunnings which is something I tried to keep in the list.

1.9m x 50 x 50 x 1.6mm RHS
Yes the link sheet has a piece of gal tube you can buy from Bunnings. If you can avoid it go to a steel shop, get black not gal so you can weld it and pay less.

Digging Fork
This is the weapon. Initially I had wanted shovels like Doug one of my previous robots. But the shovels angle means it needs to have a lot of angle in order to scrape the ground this is hard without welding so I went with the digging for which is a bit straighter.

So all the components have been purchased now onto the design.

Steven Martin
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