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Perth based Pom looking for nearby groups or clubs

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Perth based Pom looking for nearby groups or clubs

Hello. Just thought I'd take the time to introduce myself.

My name is Chris, I'm 32, I was born in Bournemouth in England, and moved to Perth just over 9 years ago. Gained Australian citizenship last year.

I have Asperger's syndrome, which means I have difficulty with social skills. So please don't take offence if I say certain things the wrong way or if I respond to others in an unusual way.

I have been a big fan of robot combat since watching classic Robot Wars on TV, still am today. Since I started watching the show about 20 years ago, I have always wanted to build my own robot and get involved in this competition. But during most of this time, I never really had the money, time, skills or facilities to make it happen. All I could do was make small paper and cardboard replicas of Robot Wars and Battlebots competitors for my own amusement. At one stage, I made just over 100 paper robots.

But thanks to the internet, I have been learning a lot about the evolution of the sport. I learned about different types of components, mechanical functions, construction techniques and all sorts. I am really happy to know that some robot builders don't necessarily need big and expensive CNC machines, lathes and other large machines to build a perfectly competitive robot. I am also happy with the fact that there are various different weight classes to choose from, especially the insect weight classes.

The closest I have come to making something decent so far is a beetleweight sized replica of the first Robot Wars UK champion, Roadblock.
It's built almost entirely out of Meccano, it's driven by modified servos, it has a functioning rear-mounted spinning blade driven by a Meccano motor, and the armour is just cardboard. So I know it is not competition worthy.

Anyway, the reason I have decided to join the forum is that I don't really know anyone who's as into this sport as I am. Also, I've had a few quick looks on the forum to see if there was any activity in Perth, but as far as I know, there doesn't seem to be much, if anything, at all.

So I'm really hoping, if there's any chance at all, that there are any experienced Perth based builders out there who at least occasionally get together for a few exhibition fights. Maybe not a full-scale event with an audience, but at least some sort of group meeting or club I could visit or join. Because I really want to get involved in this community and I don't really know where to start. Plus, I'm settled in Perth and I can't really afford to travel to the eastern states at this time.

So if there's anyone out there who knows about any groups, or is keen to get something together, please let me know, would be eager to hear from you!

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Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. I hope I am wrong, but I don't think there are any other combat bot builders in Perth at the moment. Maybe the other guys know someone.
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Post Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:55 pm 
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