The Inaugural Robo Wars Event Video !


The hours of Video footage of the first Australian Robowars event is presently being compiled into a soon-to-be-released DVD - Catch all the fights, pit action, driver and team interviews, under-the-covers shots and more in high quality digitally mastered clarity.

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To whet your appetite in the meantime, A free donwloadable 8-minute compilation of some of the highlights and action from the event has been released with a pumping music soundtrack to back up the action !

Available in 3 quality levels to suit your bandwidth and your patience.

we reccomend you "right click" and "save as" to download the video to your hard drive before attempting to play it to prevent any pauses while the streaming catches up if you try to play it direct. - it is encoded in Windows Media V9 (.wmv) format, any recent release of Windows Media Player should play it, although you may need to allow a codec to download if you dont have the latest video codecs installed)


High Quality - 30 Megabytes - Clear Sound and Sharp Video
Reccomended for the best Experience for those with broadband or patience while the download takes place at 56k


Medium Quality - 15 Megabytes - Not-Quite HI-Fi and a little more compression on the video, still quite watchable if 30 meg is too much for your taste or download limits


Low Quality - 5 Megabytes - only for those who dont want to wait or want a quick look before deciding to download the quality version. Tinny sound and Jerky video, but it gives you the idea..

Enjoy the video and we hope to see you at our Next Live Event !