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Piercing weapon

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Piercing weapon

Hi Everyone,

I'm starting to come up ideas for my second robowars robot and this time I think the idea I want to go with is a "piercing" robot. Using a sharpened metal spear with a physical endstop to stop it shooting out of the robot.

To make it work I'm thinking two options:

1. Suspension spring using a form of motorised spring compressor with a quick release (still trying to figure out how the quick release could work effectively and safely)

2. Pneumatic based system similar to those used by high power flippers

Any insight into these ideas is appreciated.

I think I can eventually figure out the spring method (maybe Confused ) but any ideas will help.
As for the pneumatic based system I'm unsure on products and where to start with powerful and fast pneumatics; so pointing me in the right direction would be helpful Smile


Post Mon May 13, 2019 5:06 am 
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I do have a few questions before I can give any educated guesses.

Ever tried to drill an object that isn't held steady? Or even one that is actively moving in 3 dimensions at the same time?

Any idea about the armor of the opponents?

Just to give you an idea, Mild steel ain't used a lot over here. The least is stainless steel, Hardox or titanium are more common these days. In the soft range of armor, 10mm HDPE is the softest you'll get.

To penetrate 3.2mm hardox you'll need an object of 3.5kg going 270km/h at point of impact.
Or pincer it and use a very well designed punch hard and strong enough to accept a point load of at least 3 tons.
To demonstrate.

Post Mon May 13, 2019 4:08 pm 
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