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Next indoor fun fly on the 1st of september 4pm to 7pm

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Next indoor fun fly on the 1st of september 4pm to 7pm

Hello all

just a reminder that the next indoor event to be held at Banyule is on the 1st of sep
ill try and get the event back to opposite fortnights to the Aidans Dragonous event so we dont get overwhelmed with indoor events SmileSmileSmile (i know some of u wont think that possible)

i have the twister 3d all back together but i may need to get someone to help me tune it up (i can never work it out)
at the moment its piroing on the ground and wont take off until the very top of the tx stick movement
its very not impressed LOL

im also hoping to have a plank up and running but may not get the parts in time
the bling ep8 will take a little longer to restore, i have all the bits (except a pinion, i think kg said 24t, have to try and find the email again)
i just need more time, kids make working in the shed very difficult as u need to watch the heli and them all at the same time and i find it hard

hope all was well with the other ep8 Ken (Ken Hawkey)
i know it was a bit bent but i figured 100 bucks with the motor, esc and a few good spares (complete new side frames and rails) plus a few other things was a good deal

cheers all and see you there
im hoping to get to both indoor events

must not crash
i have the twister blackhawk as well that i want to do a speed run with to see how fast i can make it go without getting a blade strike
im planning nice gentle high speed turns LOL and we will see what happens
have to try and get some spare blades before then as im all out of spare bottom blades

Post Fri Aug 24, 2007 4:39 pm 
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