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Motorizing a Skateboard
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First off I am moving this to off topic. Secondly this is illegal in Australia (wouldn't stop me doing it but just so you know when you get pulled over by the cops).

For the motor look on hobbyking and find something with about 3kW+ output then search for something similar with free postage on ebay it will usually be cheaper. You can also usually get combo ESC + motos too.

I am not 100% but anything other than a bicylce is illegal in QLD and pretty sure in all other states. NSW/VIC you can do petrol ones but not in QLD assurances deces . I know the limit for bikes is 200W which is a bit different to 4kW but if you are trying to claim that its a bike I would suggest sticking a 200W sticker on the motor for shits. No one else will know.

It may be necessary to review the laws governing the movement of other machines because it is not normal.

Post Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:43 pm 
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