Media Coverage Highlights for Australian RoboWars

July - 2005
Radio Interview on JJJ with John Saffran

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The BIG Issue - March 2005 - Feature Story

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A mention in A.P.C. !

(Australian Personal Computer) Magazine
Australia's biggest computer magazine is doing a feature on Robotics, with a side-bar on the sport of Robot-Wars.


Silicon Chip Magazine - Cover Story
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The Pulse in The Bulletin
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Robot wars is about to descend on Australlia, Simon Sharwood reports.

Visitors to Melbourne beware: aggressive, heavily armed robots are about to attack the Victorian capital.

However, the mastermind behind the attack, computer consultant Brett Paulin, 33, is no evil genius intent on conquest. He is the organiser of Robo Wars Australia (, a carefully staged day of competition at Melbourne's Sidetracked Entertainment Centre on December 20.

Robot combat is popular in the United Kingdom, where it spawned the television series Robot Wars in which radio-controlled robots packing weapons such as circular saws and hydraulically powered hammers attempt to immobilise each other in three-minute battles. In the United States, where a national championship is held, some high schools have adopted a robot-building curriculum.

While overseas robots are sometimes crafted by moonlighting professionals, Australia's first event will feature featherweight robots in the 12kg class, a size which makes the hobby far more affordable for amateur assemblers who typically build their craft from cast-off drill motors, pram wheels and pre-curved metal tubes