Welcome to the RoboWars Store

In future, this section will exapnd to include any unique products we think are worth offering to the Australian Robot Building Community. Our First Product is..
Finally, an economical answer for the Australian Bot Builder is here.
After many months of R&D, Robowars are happy to offer for sale The IBC..
Everything you need to control your bot all on one compact board.

"The Integrated Bot Controller" (IBC) has.

See if you can find ANY other controller out there that offers the features the IBC does for such a low price. We couldnt, which is why we decided to make our own, now we'd like to share our work with the builders and help advance the Tech Sport of the Future
$315 Australian
for an assembled and tested IBC

Within Australia $10 will cover postage & packing
Payment can be via Direct-Bank-Deposit or Transfer
or cheque (clearing delay before shipment)

International Customers

USA: your best bet is to order them from ** The Robot MarketPlace (click here) ** who have stock ready to ship, and you will avoid the $$ conversions, paypal fees and international shipping hassle


UK: The IBC is now available in the UK through Featherweights.org.
(click on the image below to go to their sales page)

International Shipping, The strong Australian dollar and the import taxes have combined to make them moderately expensive in the UK, but there is nothing we can do about that. Keep in mind when comparing their prices to our Australian price that all these additionals will be added even if you purchase directly from us, so you are probably better off going through them.


All other Enquiries and Sales contact via email at

The IBC Manual is available for download.
In Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) Format,
you can find it here. IBC Manual v0.1

RoboWars is also working on producing 200 Amp and 400 Amp controllers for the bigger bots. These should be available later this year. See the controller-guides page for more information.